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equipment, they tried to cut the door. >> a speeding still in suv being chased and slammed into a car killing a woman. good evening i'm robert jordan. >> the driver of the stolen vehicle that just caused the fatal crash remains in custody tonight, police were pursuing the elected. witnesses described a
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horrific scene early this morning >> she was penned up against the fire hoses it took them 20 minutes to cut her off of the vehicle. >> emergency personnel trying frantically to rescue this woman from her vehicle after being struck by this is to be this morning while driving home from her overnight shift. >> when i came out they were cutting her out of the car. >> the tragic chain of events began just after 6:00 a.m. this morning, according to police they were pursuing the stolen suv after the driver blew a red light and hit a car near webster and allison. seconds later he slammed sideways into her vehicle as she drove west bound on our message.
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>> the roof for fire trucks, two ambulances and they had all of the equipment they had the jaws of life which appealed to the roof off and they tried to cut the door. the image was pronounced dead at the hospital. this afternoon the office of emergency management her colleagues reported for duty shocked her loss. in a statement gary said "according to her co- workers and supervisors she was the nicest most positive person you'd ever want to me, we extend our deepest sympathy to her family grief counselors will be on site to assist employees. neighbors who witnessed the crash had harsh words toward the alleged car thief. >> he should get locked away. >> as of this hour charges have
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yet to be filed meanwhile chicago police continue to investigate the crash while also making sure proper procedures were followed. >> chicago police investigators are questioning a person of interest about it deadly accident, the victim david was struck and killed up while waiting for a bus on the last side. as the family of david bunch gathered at his 81 year- old garfield park, the pain of his death was still setting in. >> it is not a reality yet. you cannot believe it. >> the 49 year-old former truck driver was just two weeks shy of his 50th birthday, early this morning he was on his way home from a party waiting for a cta bus near jackson with his girlfriend. >> he said that when she turned
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around all she heard was the thump and it was this girl who had hit him. >> he took a life. >> his mother friday may raise 10 children, five boys in five girls and arkansas bow move before she moved the tightly knit family to chicago. >> we had a strong foundation, a lot of people cannot say that. we had 10 individuals that did not succumb to the streets. a lot of people cannot say that. >> david was in the middle of the pack. >> he was a respectful child. he was good hearted. >> as police continue with their death investigation this family now prepares to deal with the stark reality that their brother
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and their son is gone. >> it is just hard to swallow. >> the suspicious package that cleared out millennia park last night was apparently a drove playing game gone wrong and 18 year-old is charged with disorderly conduct after a massive police response near the been sculpture the package containing two bricks, some wire in duct tape was a proper, the evacuation prove to be costly because of the number of people who responded the estimate it lost $20,000. >> please have no suspects in custody in a shooting that wounded a young child, and eight year-old was shot last night while playing outside of his house in the 7100 block of south with street. that is in the englewood neighborhood. the grandfather was sitting on the front porch when shots rang out and saw little boy was struck.
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>> he screamed when he first got hit and he fell face down and i ran and picked him up. >> paramedics took the boy to the children's hospital where doctors removed a 22 caliber bullet from his abdomen he's expected to be released from the hospital later this week and a 12 year-old girl is in the hospital and she was shot in the lead last night and the 4100 block near garfield park, no one is in custody. >> a flight from san francisco to frankfurt germany was diverted to o'hare early this morning, a united spokesman says crewmembers found a sticker with a threatening message the plane touched down about 1:00 a.m. in chicago and was searched and then continued safely to germany, on friday a united flight from chicago to frank for was diverted to cleveland because of an unruly passenger.
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a hero's welcome she landed at o'hare this afternoon and was escorted from the spring hill mall, while in afghanistan the 23 year-old army private drove an all terrain vehicle ran security and work for the quick response source unit. >> coming up hard-liners on both sides say no deal, what congressional leaders are still leaving with the president on spending cuts in the debt ceiling. >> the royal couple wraps up their visit to southern california. >> don't let looks fool you what you see on this plate here is desert, it is just one of the culinary creations that our critics found. >> strong thunderstorms moving through minnesota at this hour
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headed for chicago. we will have details and the fall forecastthe fuld forecast still ahead. fulland president barack
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obama and congressional leaders are racing the clock as they try to reach agreement on the rise of the nation's debt ceiling the president met with leaders this evening at the lighthouse the public has resisted raising the limit on how much the nation can barrault. failure to reach a
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deal could put the u.s. at risk of default and another recession. >> there is no credible argument no responsible leader would say the u.s. for the first time in history should not pay its bills into meet its obligations, that would be catastrophic for the economy and everybody understands that. >> this has to be an honest approach. we're not >> the deadlines have reached an defense secretary made a stop in iraq today after visiting visiting afghanistan. u.s. officials say 52 were killed last month the most in any month in two years. america
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has the authority to do what is necessary to protect our forces. u.s. troops are to be withdrawn from iraq by the end of the year. >> at least one person is dead and more than 100 people are missing after a cruise ship shang sank in the river yesterday, witnesses say that it took the bulgaria only two minutes to sink nearly 2 mi. away from the nearest shore line. it was reportedly carrying more passengers than officially allowed. a criminal investigation into violation of safety rules and the possibility of some technical failure. and not as serious train accidents leaves dozens of people dead and more than 100 injured in india a train jumped the tracks when the driver pulled an emergency brake, authorities fear the death toll will rise as rescue workers make their way to the wreckage, and a separate earlier
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incident 50 people were injured in an explosion on the tracks, in drilled for cars. >> the space shuttle atlantis docked at the international space station at 10:30 a.m. chicago time, this is the 12th and final time that atlantis will be hooked up with the i s s. they will spend more than one week transferring equipment and supplies, they are also collecting a pump, the atlantis mission which began on friday and is supposed to be 12 days long but net shot nasa officials say they may now stretch it an extra day before returning to earth. >> such as catherine and prince william are heading home after their tour of u.s. and canada, on the final day of the north american trip the run newlyweds visited the city childrens' our program in the skid row neighborhood of los angeles.
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later on the royal couple attended job fair for u.s. military veterans. >> animal shelters can help save the state money, how she plans to do it. >> and is it a high and cuisine or smoke and mirrors to mark our restaurant critic checks out an innovative new restaurant.
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well with an eye towards to rejecttradition and a flair for innovation the restaurant critic phil tells us whether or not it will leave you smiling. >> this is not breakfast it looks like it with a fried egg with bacon and hash browns but it is desert. the bacon is bacon flavored cookies into the edges leechee panacotti stock hot sauce is sour cherry. the chef tells us that the asian style food is not always what it seems geared >> it is traditional asian flavors with a modernist twist on it. we're all about thinking outside the box here. >> the cuban fults to become your menu. cuba unfolds to become
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your menu appeared at the front is a new dose station where people who know the ancient art of chinese noodle polling demonstrate the craft. early courses include to oysters all along side appended glasses filled with smoke, beer goes into a mixing with the smokey and the oysters are topped with sea urchin and it all actually works together. some dishes are straightforward such as the duck with hands of white chocolate and demand and the cod with scalloped a dumpling but then there are these many berger's letter actually steamed bowsi buns with pork belly. i'd give this
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restaurant to stars sometimes the kitchen sacrifices flavor for visual trickery of for the most part the bells and whistles lead to some very tasty dishes and is always fun to watch. >> what if i give them a $100 bill that is actually monopoly money? >> i want to try the desert along. >> for more on this week's arrests dropped you can text phil act: >> for more on this week's restaurant you can text phil at:
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the animal shelter showcase adoptable pets on there website. the bottom line she says is cutting state expenses in handling and sheltering animals. all together to me it makes good sense to save money. >> her web site can be a one- stop shop for people looking for pets. >> your life illinois lottery drawing is coming up next. >> your morning commute could see a bit of rain.
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>> i think allied yesterday better weather wise. the high- temperature on saturday we're watching a cluster of fairly strong thunderstorms pulling on of minnesota even one step tornado which was on the ground 40 minutes ago that storm cluster appears to be headed to the chicago area and will arrive around 8:00 a.m. or so, we will share their radar in
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just a moment. here are time lapse pictures, these are clouds that originated with thunderstorms in iowa and parts of southwestern wisconsin earlier today. they fell apart before they got here. our high temperature of 91, the look at the cluster of high 90 temperatures down and the south and southwest. we are not under a key adviser but this entire job of the country is, from parts of northeastern texas all the way up to a central illinois. the red areas are excessive heat warnings, with key index temperatures of 110 degrees possible. here's the problem, with all of the hot air over the next 7-10 days, it looks like even though we do expect a brief repeat reprieve on wednesday on this moment
9:28 pm
temperatureswinds are not very strong coming out of the south and southeast. there is the line of storms tracking to the south and east through interior minnesota and it looks like between 7 38:00 in the morning we may see some of those storms arrive in the chicago area and that is what this forecast model is showing and that is only the first of a couple of clusters of storms. we're under an area of high pressure ofnext week. we're looking at partly cloudy skies tonight industry impossible very very late the best chance of a storm would be to our morning.
9:29 pm
and then for monday if those firms survived expect them to arrive around rush hour, mostly cloudy and some of them could be strong to severe, high- temperature to our upper eighties to low 90's again and monday night mostly cloudy may be an early shower, 72-75 for low temperatures, tuesday back up into the 80s and a little short of 90. there is the 74 cast with a high temperature of about 80, but check out what happens next weekend. we see temperatures on friday mickey into the low 90s. make it into the low 90s. there is good evidence to suggest we have a pretty warm temperatures coming. >> a tradition dating back
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ingredient. and we make innova the way you'd make it, with everything they need and nothing they don't. innova is pet food made right, so you can feed them right. find it at your local pet store. today's 90 degree heat did not stop thousands of spectators
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from turning out for the 117th annual our lady of mount carmel >> this year's theme was entitled to back to our roots it featured original art by local artists. attendees enjoyed music and spoken word performances along with crafty and food vendors and kids' activities all weekend long. >> another weekend at the top for hollywood's favorite robot.
9:34 pm
transformer's dark of the moon held on to first place at the box office for the second week and wrote earning $47 million in ticket sales, here are the other box office winners.
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this weekend was great outdoor grilling weather in case you were hungry for a burger. >> you had to go to roscoe village, the burger faceinfest took place today. fest took place today. herthat's the news for the sunday
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